Drink water!!!

Most of us know that we should be drinking more water than we do. We understand that it will bring us better health and make us feel better but did you know that it can also have short term weight loss effects?   Well it can! and here are three ways you can use water to help you lose weight!  

 1. 1-2 glasses of cold water in the morning.    This ritual has been shown to help people burn 200 more calories daily thank they would otherwise. The effect is thought to have something to do with the body needing to metabolize in order to warm up the cold water as well as getting the digestive system going.   Make it the very first thing you do and turbocharge your weight loss and you will have the benefit of having built a great morning routine as well!  

 2. Drink a half gallon of water a day.  
I mean for real. Don’t just assume that you are getting close but really measure it out and see what happens.   Firstly, being properly hydrated will allow you to feel better and think more clearly, even if you are operating in a caloric deficit. The rundown feeling that makes so many people stop their diets is greatly improved by being well hydrated so you are much more likely to make good decisions around food and exercise.   Second, being well hydrated has been shown to decrease cravings. If you don’t believe me, try a dry fast and a wet fast (fasting without water vs. fasting with) and see which one is harder. I can tell you that a water fast is MUCH easier and I tend to drink a lot more water during a fast. 

  3. Drink a full glass of water before eating.    If you are like me and you eat way to fast then this one is a game changer. Often times when I drink a full glass of water before eating I don’t even feel half as hungry.   The reason is quite simple. Your belly is empty when you start and is full of water after, making you feel much less hungry. Super simple but I can’t stress how effective this one is.   So there you have it. just one more use for probably the most versatile substance on earth. Drink your water and let it nourish your body and help you get to your weight loss goal.   We have one more very exciting announcement for you. We have one more weight loss hack! That’s right. Stay tuned to your inbox for our final weight loss hack!!
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